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9 Questions To Brighten Up Your Day

I had to think long and hard to answer some of these questions!


The longest, shortest, biggest, smallest, best & worst joke book in the world
I nearly used this for question 4 — a joke book my dad bought me in the early 80s. Author’s own photo

My friend Sandra Jasionowska started this challenge and said:

I tried to bring to the table a challenge as pleasant as possible, while we are waiting for the Spring to come in full swing.

1. A fragrance that brings back great memories 😶‍🌫️

From time to time, my nose detects perfumes that give rise to nostalgia. Some remind me of my late wife, whereas others go all the way back to my childhood, and remind me of growing up with my sisters.

I don’t remember the names of the fragrances, but the smallest amount can have a powerful effect on my memory.

A smell that always reminded me of my dad was Silvikrin hair tonic. He used to massage it into his scalp. I think the scalp massage probably did more than the tonic for his thinning hair.

I couldn’t find a picture of the bottle online. But I do remember how it was dark green, with a flat but distinctive shape.

Denise Kendig wrote a story recently about fragrances:

2. A thing that always makes you laugh 😅

Watching Jerry Seinfeld talk about dry cleaning always makes me laugh!

3. A favourite type of paper-based puzzle (crossword, sudoku, word search….) 🧩

My mum loved doing crosswords, and maybe I should try harder to get into them, given that I’m supposed to be a writer.



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