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AJ’s Stream of Consciousness Free Write for 5 Minutes

Are you sure I’m not allowed to edit this, Keeley?


A stream, with trees on each side
Photo by Karim Sakhibgareev on Unsplash

My mind is blank. How can I write for five minutes?

I could talk about time. In fact, what time is it? 11:16 am.

Why do I feel so sleepy? Perhaps I should sleep during the day and stay up all night!

It’s another sunny day. I don’t want to be inside. Maybe I should go for a bike ride. What if I get a puncture again? But the one I got the other week was the first in years. And I went out yesterday without any problems.

Will I feel better after cycling in the bright sun? Will I feel less sleepy, or drained of energy?

I guess it will take my mind off my problems to be out in the countryside.

My son has gone out with his grandad just now, so do I go on my own, or see if my younger son wants to come for a ride?

I wonder if I’ll be seeing Stephanie today. It’s been half term week and I’ve not seen much of her. And all the times I’ve seen her, she’s been with her daughter. We’ve not had any time together, to just talk about all the life changes that are going on.

I wonder what’s happening with her car? It’s been 3 weeks since she took it to the seller for repair, and he never replies. Will it end up in court? That’s scary. I have no experience of that.

My five minutes is up — what a load of waffle! 😂

If only I could write this fast AND be coherent. Then I could churn out ten articles a day! But would people think I’m an AI then?

Oops! I’m continuing with the stream-of-consciousness idea even though I’m supposed to have stopped.

There. I’ve stopped.

I think.

Thank you for reading. AJ.

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