Superstition | May Writing Challenge Day 31

Am I Superstitious?

I thought I had kicked the habit until I wrote this piece!

Alan AJ
4 min readMay 31, 2023


A light bulb style salt cellar, tipped over with salt spilling out
I love my light bulb style salt and pepper cruet set. But it was hard not to throw the spilt salt over my shoulder after taking this photo. Author’s own photo

Hang on a minute…
…I need to stand up and turn around three times before I begin.

And I might throw some salt over my shoulder for good measure, too.
(Remind me, which shoulder should it be again?)

Family history

My mum was very superstitious. I grew up hearing about several different superstitions and seeing her acting them out.

I don’t remember my dad getting involved, although it’s possible he would have avoided breaking mirrors or walking under ladders — but that seems more like common sense.

Here are my thoughts on the top ten that ChatGPT found for me

  • Walking under a ladder brings bad luck.
    Yes, my mum believed this. But then again, it does seem wise to avoid walking under a ladder in case something is dropped.
  • Breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck.
    To this day, I’m still terrified of breaking a mirror. (I wonder what happened to the one on the dressing table I threw into a skip earlier this year…)



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