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Could I Be the Only Person in the World Still Using This Software?

Am I frugal, stingy, or set in my ways? No — don’t answer that! 🤣

Alan AJ
3 min readAug 16, 2023


Screenshot of Excel 1997 with some cells fill in blue in to look like low-resolution text that says, 1997.
Screenshot by the author

In general, I am the sort of person who does not waste money. When making a big purchase, I usually save up and pay for it outright, rather than borrowing money and buying it right away.

There are exceptions when the ADHD side of me takes over and behaves impulsively. Let’s not mention that here though. 😂

My work colleagues were shocked 😮

About 20 years ago at work, my colleagues could hardly believe it when they discovered I was still using a 14" computer monitor at home — it was the same one I purchased 11 years earlier.

As you can tell, I expect things to last, and I try to get maximum value out of them!

I tend to think in terms of cost per year for large items. So if I buy an item for £300 and it lasts ten years, it’s a £30 per year item. If it only lasted two years, it would be a £150 per year item, and I would be disappointed that it did not last long.

Old computers 🪟

I still have a PC running Windows 10 that I assembled in 2009. It ran Windows 7 initially, and I do at least keep the operating system somewhat updated.

These days, I mostly use my laptop. It’s a ten-year-old MacBook Pro that I bought used a few years ago. It’s what I prefer for writing, and writing is what I spend most of my time doing these days.

However, there is something that makes me go back to my old PC once a month.

Old software 💾

I use my old PC to keep track of my finances using my favourite spreadsheet — Excel 97.

You did not misread that. I still use a 26-year-old spreadsheet!

I’ve used Excel since the 80s, and once it got to about version 4, it did everything I needed. So I skipped version 5, then version 95 (when they switched to using the year for the version number), and all subsequent versions.



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