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Here Are the Suggestions I Just Sent to Medium

I threw this list together quickly — hopefully, it makes sense

Alan (AJ) Autistic Widower
2 min readNov 2, 2022


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Maybe these are not the right tools to improve Medium… Author’s own photo

Robert Ralph’s positive response to a comment I left on his article, Medium’s New Goals, led me to send a few suggestions to Medium.

This short article shares my suggestions.

(I hope Tony Stubblebine likes them!)

For writers:

  1. Add the option to call up a predefined block of text at a specified place (e.g. by inserting a special tag/code). This would let me place a common “call to action” in some of my future articles that I can subsequently edit in one place — rather than editing them all individually.
  2. Let me control the order of my lists, and pin some lists to the top.
  3. Build in some SEO-related tools such as headline analysers and suggestions for related tags.
  4. Add auto-scanning for plagiarism of existing Medium articles at the point when they are published, to prevent them from ever getting onto the site.
  5. Make it easier to find and update embedded links to my other articles. At present, if I rename an article, it is almost impossible to find and update all the places that link to it.

For readers:

  1. Let readers control highlighting: show everyone’s highlights, just my own, or none.
  2. Improve the feed, such as not showing me stories I’ve already read, and allowing me to mute topics. Also, remember my choice of feed, e.g. “Following”, rather than defaulting to “For You”.
  3. Add support for “Favourite Writers” — a way to “star” the ones we enjoy reading the most.

I hope you like some of these ideas.

What changes would you like to see?

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