Cars | Crashes | June Writing Challenge Day 3

How Many Car Accidents Have I Had?

Before we continue, can you check if my insurance company is listening? 😆


Damage to a car’s rear wheel arch
Part of the damage a bus did to one of my cars. They tried to deny it, but luckily I had a witness. Author’s own photo

What’s that? The coast is clear?

Okay. Here we go!

Car #1 — accident #1

My first car was written off after another driver pulled out in front of me. I wrote about it here:

At least that one wasn’t my fault.

Cars #2, #3, #4 — no accidents

Somehow, I managed to avoid crashing my second and third cars.

It’s a miracle I didn’t crash my fourth car.

It was a Mk1 Ford Fiesta XR2 with a modified engine. I made a few mistakes in that car, but never actually crashed it!

Car #5 — three accidents!

My fifth car, a Mk2 Ford Fiesta XR2, was crashed three times!

🚗 The first accident was my fault.

I was still groggy after being out late the previous night when I began my journey to work.

An estate car went past the end of my road as I waited to pull out. It seemed like my mission to catch up with it, which I did.

There was just one slight problem. I didn’t notice when it stopped behind a stationary queue of traffic.

To cut a long story short, my car ended up with a new front end.

🚗 The second accident was not my fault.

A man and a child were in a tiny pizza delivery truck, tailgating me like crazy in heavy traffic. As I waited to turn onto the main road, they smashed into the back of me, pushing me towards the path of an oncoming lorry.

The driver said, “I thought you were going to pull out!”



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