I agree with everything you said. (Sorry if that makes for a boring comment!)

When I was single, it would have been a dream come true if a woman had approached me and asked me out.

When I was about 22, I nearly asked someone out who worked in a local shop. I wrote a letter, took flowers, and waited outside. But she didn't happen to be working that particular Saturday, and I didn't have the nerve to try again next week.

I met my late wife through a lonely hearts ad.

And I met my fiancée in a widowed group. We started by becoming friends and spending more and more time together. Then I told her in messages how I felt about her.

I remember one Valentine's day after we'd been in a relationship for a while, when I thought she was going to propose to me. She had a gift for me in a small box, and my heart was pounding. But it turned out to be something entirely different.

Even today, the man is generally expected to make the move.

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Autistic Widower ("AJ")

Autistic Widower ("AJ")


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