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I Never Want to Return to Any of the Holiday Destinations I’ve Been To

But there are some exceptions

Alan AJ
3 min readMay 29, 2023


Beach and sea
The beach at Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales, August 2021. Author’s own photo

The bad places

Why would anyone give bad holiday experiences a second try?

I’ve had my fair share of them, such as:

  • A rough Haven caravan site. There were 8 year old children swearing constantly in front of indifferent and unsavoury parents.
  • A fairground where a woman crashed into me on the go karts, then ran away laughing as I recovered and tried to figure out if I had whiplash. She was typical of the sort of people in that area.

The unremarkable places

Having a limited budget means I don’t do a huge amount of travelling.

I like variety, so I prefer to explore new places, rather than visiting the same destinations over and over again.

If a resort is unremarkable, why waste another visit there?

The best experiences

Surely I would want to return to my favourite places?

This one is complicated.



Alan AJ

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