Autism | Sensory | ADHD | Focus | Stress

Listening to the Radio at Work Calmed My Autistic / ADHD Mind

In the right circumstances, it can be quite effective

Personal radio, in-ear headphoned and computer keyboard on a workbench. The words “Listening to the radio helped me to focus at work. ADHD. Autism.”
The personal radio I used to use at work. Photo taken by the author, Autistic Widower.

Recently, I’ve had to run a lot of errands, which has meant I’ve been driving quite a lot. I’d forgotten how much calmer I feel when driving for non-urgent purposes, especially if…



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Autistic Widower ("AJ")

Autistic Widower ("AJ")

Life, weird/funny stuff, mental health, nostalgia, tech, autism, ADHD, music • 54 years old & still trying to find my way; I usually publish a few times a week.