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Some Photos From My Day Trip To Chester

I took too many photos again, especially near the Recorder House…

Alan (AJ) Autistic Widower
6 min readSep 29, 2022


A collage of nine photos of Chester
Chester. Author’s own photos

Recently, it was my fiancée’s birthday. So we visited Chester in North West England for the day, with one of my sons and her daughter.

We chose Chester because:

  • It has a river and boat rides ⛴
  • You can feel the history of the place, with its medieval buildings, city walls, and cathedral ⛪️
  • We don’t live very far away 🚗


There are quite a few memories associated with the city for me:

  • I can’t help but think about the time I stayed there in 2011 with my wife during her illness, two years before she died.
  • I also went with my parents and sister in 1990, a few months before my dad died.
  • And I visited in 2018, around my 50th birthday.

This article includes both old and new photos — and a short video clip.

The first part covers places near the river. The second part is more urban, away from the river.

“We stopped at the Muffin Break cafe for drinks and snacks. For a moment, I thought they’d put the outboard motor from a boat in the corner of the room!”

Part 1 — Near the River

Boat Trip

We took a 30-minute cruise up and down the River Dee. The middle photo was taken through a dirty window on the boat — so I’m surprised how well it turned out!

There are lots of buildings to look at, and some beautiful scenery.

River Dee, Chester, September 2022. Author’s own photos


I recorded a short video when we went under Queens Park Bridge. It’s a suspension bridge for pedestrians dating back to 1923.



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