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The AJ Chronicles: 1 December 2023

A week in my life, and my recent Medium stories

Alan AJ
13 min readDec 1, 2023


A collage of six images. The front and back of a 1934 photo taken in Chester, 1934. A Babylon 5 paperback book, In the Beginning. A temperature/humidity meter showing 14.9 degrees C and 20 % RH. Two AI-generated images, one showing an ATM and the other a dark city centre road.
Images from some of this week’s Medium stories, the book ordered by the author, and the temperature in his living room. The ATM and street scene are AI-generated using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing. The others are from the author’s photo library


My Life

Recent Medium Stories

My Life

This week’s events

  1. Grandad’s trip to Ormskirk 🧭
  2. Virgin Media disconnected my mother-in-law’s phones 📞
  3. Too much gaming 🎮
  4. Cold weather 🥶
  5. Auto headlights 💡
  6. Spotify is stealing from small artists 🎵
  7. Tidal trial 💿
  8. Trying Plex again ▶️
  9. Photo naming obsession 🎞
  10. A load of rubbish 🗑
  11. Stephanie’s headaches 🤕
  12. Multiple trips to the optician’s 👓
  13. Premature car change 🚗
  14. Friend of Medium 💛
  15. My second Medium boost 🚀
  16. I bought a book by mistake 📕

Yes, it’s a long list! And I thought I had nothing to say this week!

1. Grandad’s trip to Ormskirk 🧭

Last Saturday morning, my father-in-law surprised us by arriving an hour early to pick up my son. We were still in the middle of our weekly cleaning routine — more about that later.

The week before, he’d told my son that he wanted to take him on a trip to Ormskirk. My son seemed to think he would forget, or that the cold, icy weather would change his grandad’s mind.

My father-in-law dismissed my concerns about the poor driving conditions. His driving is not the best even in the summer, so I was relieved when they made it there and back safely.

My son said they took a few wrong turnings but it wasn’t too bad.

At pickup time in the afternoon, as soon as I walked in, my father-in-law was keen to tell me he’d had the living room carpet cleaned.

I was rather blunt and said it didn’t look any different to me. It didn’t seem all that important to me, but he asked me repeatedly if I could…



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