Keeley’s March Challenge #20

The Home I Have Lived in the Longest

Almost 55 years spread over three locations


Toy house with a set of keys next to it
Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

This is my response to day 20 of Keeley Schroder’s March challenge.

I can’t just answer the question, of course. That would be too straightforward…

Home number 1 (11 years)

I lived in a bungalow with my parents and sisters for the first 11 years of my life. (My eldest sister got married just before we moved.)

Me and my dad outside the bungalow in the 1970s. Photo provided by the author

I wrote more about it here:

I loved that bungalow and did not want to move.

Home number 2 (14 years)

Around my 11th birthday, we moved to a brand new house near my new high school. But I never loved that house; it was just a place to live.

There were some happy memories of living there, however. Some of the best times were the bike rides with my dad.

11-year old boy on a red bike in front of a blue garage door
Ready to go for a bike ride, probably around 1979–1980. Photo provided by the author

For the first 9 years, I lived there with my parents and the younger of my two sisters.

When my sister moved out, it was just my parents and me for a couple of years; then my dad died. I wrote about losing my dad here:



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