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Tips for Using Lists on Medium — And How They Relate to the Supermarket

A few thoughts about lists on Medium, sugar, tea, baking ingredients, and cereal!

Alan (AJ) Autistic Widower
4 min readNov 16, 2022


Trust me. The title will make sense later. Maybe…

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The need for lists

When you write a large number of articles online, there usually comes a time when you want to organise or group them in some way:

  • When I used WordPress, I used categories
  • Here on Medium, I use lists

(There are other options when using publications, but I only self-publish so I will only consider lists here.)

Creating and adding to lists

  • Click the bookmark symbol on one of your stories
  • A menu will pop up which lets you create a list, or add the story to an existing one
  • Unchecking removes your story from that list
Screenshot showing how to add a story to a list on Medium
Screenshot by the author

Managing lists

  • Click Lists near the top of your home page to manage your lists
  • Click on one of your lists to view it
Screenshot showing how to view your lists on Medium
Screenshot by the author

List settings

After you have clicked on a list, click the … to bring up the menu

  • Edit the list info — name, description, privacy
  • Remove items — an easy way to remove multiple items at once
  • Make list private/public — controls whether other people see the list
  • Reorder items — you can drag list items up and down into your preferred order
  • Delete list — permanently removes the list



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