Keeley’s March Challenge #19

Who is the Most Important Constant in My Life?

I tackled a seemingly impossible question!


Chart showing how old the author was when certain people were in his life
Chart showing my age when certain key people were in my life. Author’s own image

This is story number 19 in Keeley Schroder’s March challenge. (Woo-hoo — this means I’ve managed two in a row!)

This is an impossible question to answer because my life has been a series of chapters, and few people have been there for the whole time.

I made the above chart to show the overlap between some of the people.

I lost my dad when I was 22, but he was my best friend until the day he died. My mum was around until I was nearly 40, and I relied on her a lot.

My youngest sister and my elderly aunt have known me for my whole life. They are my last remaining links to my childhood and my late parents. But there have been periods when we were not very close and rarely saw each other.

John, the boss I wrote about in my weird workplace stories, took over as a kind of father figure after my dad died.

(I really should add more stories to that series.)

Weird Workplace Stories (Series)

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I’m glad to remain friends with someone who also worked with John. We’ve known each other for a long time now, and it’s nice to reminisce.

Jane, my late wife, was the most important constant in my life until she died almost ten years ago. We were incredibly close, and losing her tore my life apart.

My children have been at the heart of my world ever since they were born, and they connect me to my late wife. We are about as close as a dad can be to his teenage sons.

My late wife’s parents have occasionally said they think of me as a son. But there is sometimes a slight barrier that did…



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