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You Can’t Cover a 21-Year Relationship and a 3-Year Illness in a 700-Word Story

My story went semi-viral, but a few harsh comments make me wish I’d provided more detail

Alan AJ
4 min readDec 22, 2023


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Sometimes I want to include more than will fit in a story. Image generated by the author using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing

A story I published 2 1/2 weeks ago has become my most-read story of all time during the last week.

It has been both thrilling and scary to have 9000 reads. Thankfully, most of the comments have been caring and understanding. However, for the first time on Medium, I’ve had some harsh and critical comments, too.

I’m not good at dealing with confrontation; perhaps I need to get a thicker skin.

(And why can’t I focus on the nice comments instead?)

One comment was from a troll

They wrote:

Omg the worst writing ever. And likely Ai. 🤣. Please stop. Just stop.



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